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For the organizations to enjoy a better and optimal CCTV surveillance, they must have the cutting edge surveillance systems that can be effectively coordinated with the associated systems. With the growing concerns of security, the businesses are adopting proper security measures to continually reduce the risks associated within and outside the organization. Having cameras around help the business and homes to keep a close watch on the sensitive areas and activities in a better way. If people get to know of the system around their premises, they will most likely not do anything absurd. In most of the applications, it makes people more secure and feel confident and by being connected with the environment always, the CCTV cameras provides the surveillance in a way that no security personnel can provide.

Invasion of digitalization in the surveillance systems have not deteriorated the possibilities of Analog cameras. It still have its own place in the CCTV security world over IP cameras. With the introduction of DVRs, the analog cameras have come to the digital front. It converts the analog signals to digital by providing quality viewing experience.

Dahua is the dominant market participant in providing the CCTV security products and services. Ranging from security cameras to video management software, the company is illustrious in presenting products with unparalleled quality, reliability and stability. CCTV Nairobi is well competent in providing total CCTV solutions to various industries across Nairobi. We have been renowned as the forerunner in delivering the solutions with the Dahua security systems in Nairobi. Dahua comes with various analog camera models that includes PTZ cameras, Bullet Cameras, Eyeball cameras and Dome Cameras.

Dahua-Analog- Camera Kenya

Analog PTZ cameras

Dahua analog cameras in Nairobi are known for its superior wide area coverage and zooming in coverage. Pan, Tilt and Zoom capabilities of this camera provides flexible movement options. It has finds its use in the applications where high surveillance is required. This series of cameras include High-speed dome and IR high-speed dome cameras. With the powerful optical zoom and various other functions like the autofocus, ICR capability (day/Night) and high-resolution facilities make this camera more powerful.

Bullet Cameras

IR bullet cameras or Infrared bullet cameras are widely used for the Indoor and outdoor video surveillance. By providing high-quality clear images in various lighting conditions makes Dahua IR bullet cameras a promising product for the toughest environment applications. The models of this series comes with High resolution and is built with the features of Smart IR technology and varied focal length lenses.

Eyeball cameras

Dahua Eyeball cameras are capable of producing high-quality pictures and can be utilized for sensitive surveillance. The models of this series comes with High resolution and is built with the features of Smart IR technology and varied focal length lenses.

Dome Cameras

The Dahua dome cameras are well suited for the internal surveillance. Because of its shape it can be well fitted to any kind of surroundings and can be used for the environments where they area is subjected to vandalism. The models include the Day and Night Vandal Proof IR Dome camera and HDIS Mini Dome Camera.

CCTV Nairobi is well known in the industry as the professionals in deploying total CCTV security systems in Nairobi. Our service is also concentrated in the areas of Eldoret, Mombasa, Mombasa, Kisumu, Malindi and Thika. The designing and installation is in part with the guidelines and as per your detailed requirements.  With the Dahua security systems, CCTV Nairobi is able to deliver solutions to all kind of applications across industries or residential purpose in Nairobi. Dahua presents the recording systems as well which can be utilized to deploy a total CCTV security system in Nairobi.

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