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Surveillance has become a necessity now these days. Security systems are available in the market that is included with advanced features. Now these days, it is not the business that needs the security surveillance but needs in our homes as well. So many instances are happening around us, the increasing crimes, robbery, property encroaching and many, it is very important to think through the modern available security systems to make you and your environment safe. CCTV surveillance is the most popular form of providing the security to your home and your workplace in a secure way. CCTV security system makes the definition of surveillance true in its best sense. Paying a close look at the happenings and the people around you will benefit in many ways. however, the surveillance depends on when and under what situations. There might be circumstances under which you need the attention of the happenings in the office or at the homes.

With the development of the technology, the face of the surveillance also got a major change in the way it records, stores and delivers. With so many CCTV brands available in the market picking the best is a tedious task. Besides that, choosing the right solution provider is also critical.

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Axis is a leader in the video surveillance market, distributing a wide variety of cameras for use cases as broad as there are buildings and people to protect. In the StorageReview Lab, we use several models of Axis cameras paired with a Synology NAS and Surveillance Station 7 to provide visualization of our space both while we’re on-premises via a flat panel in the lab, or remotely via Synology’s mobile apps. What follows is an overview of the cameras in place, their core strengths and how they are part of the overall security strategy for StorageReview.

CCTV Nairobi delivers solutions with Axis CCTV cameras

CCTV Nairobi is categorized as the leader in developing a reliable CCTV surveillance solutions with the Axis CCTV cameras. Axis CCTV systems has the fame of delivering a series of groundbreaking innovations in the realm of surveillance products over the years. Axis delivers the broadest and relentless range of quality network cameras and network video recorders. With the capabilities ranging from HDTV to wide range and infrared, the cameras we deliver find its application in most of the industrial and residential purposes. It has the capacity to offer quality and clear pictures in low light conditions using their own proprietary light finder technology.

The types of Axis cameras we deal with includes

  • Fixed cameras: it is suitable for different range of surveillance purposes.
  • Fixed Dome cameras: Provides the refined surveillance.
  • Modular cameras: Highly flexible for subtle observation.
  • Onboard cameras: Surveillance on the go (on buses and other vehicles).
  • Thermal cameras: Provides reliable detection throughout.
  • Panoramic cameras: Offers 360-degree view of the images for detailed views.
  • PTZ cameras: Enhances the wide area coverage.
  • Explosion protected cameras: Useful for the hazardous areas.

Axis Network Video Recorder

Network Video Recorder records the Network or IP cameras. Axis Network Video Recorder offers an easy to install solution perfectly suited to different network products of Axis. The network video recorders are loaded with video management software to manage and control the videos. With the advanced features,it can be sure that you will get the best video images you ever imagined. Our consulting principles help us to design and implement the flawless CCTV security systems with Axis NVR in alignment with the client requirements. It offers maximum reliability for the high definition surveillance.

What else more you need to have a close look of your business or home environment? As the leading CCTV solution provider in Nairobi, we excel in offering turnkey solutions to whatever your needs be.

Axis IP Cameras Nairobi

Delivering a robust solution

We leverage our best of knowledge and experience to build a high-end security solution for you and your business with the branded and trusted CCTV systems. Our solutions extends to other regions of Kenya as well and it includes Eldoret, Kisumu, Mombasa, Mombasa, Kisumu, Malindi and Thika. With axis systems and with the class professionalism, our service would be of great security to your business. Leave your tensions aside and focus on other aspects of business with harmony.

Be feel to get in touch with us for a high and secured environment.

Axis CCTV Solutions

Axis is a well recognize brand when it comes to network video and shifting the focus from analog to digital systems. This helps to pave the way for a better, secured and even the smarter world. This company provides network video solutions and installations.

Detection of Crime

Use of closed-circuit television detects crime while it improves the safety and productivity of your workforce. Thanks to these features, these systems are recognized as an effective way to the provision of awareness on both internal and external promises. With our massive client base, we have now a wide range of products which suits your needs as well as specified security purposes. So whether you are going to need an external pan or tilt cameras, you are going to need some housing for aesthetically discrete recording now since the doom of using cameras internally.

Video Recording

The Digital Video Recording proves to be an intelligent system that records different camera images into the internal storage device. It records digital and provides simultaneous recording with archiving and playback features thanks to its sophisticated search functions. These functions handle defining important events that meet your certain requirements being a powerful and intelligent solution. The Axis CCTV Nairobi are networkable as they easily integrate with other systems.

Remote Monitoring

Despite the CCTV have been installed overtly or covertly, with or without audio, the modern communication allows you to monitor ongoing situations from anywhere you like including your laptop, desktop, tablet or even cellphone, just make sure you are connected to the internet.


It’s possible to install Axis CCTV Nairobi cameras that overlook production lines and help you to analyze different activates. Employers can employees can be looked over for their work efficiency along with the current business affairs.

Retail and Hospitality Situations

There are more than one reasons why a retailer has to install CCTV. Starting with the first, you need to monitor what your customers can and may be stealing from you, any aggressive behavior or even verbal abuse. Well, this is the facts in reality, but almost every industry needs to consider this.  Take the medical for example, it always faces crises such as staff theft. Well, this can be controlled by installed cameras in till area, exits, and stock rooms to monitor activities.


Thanks to the ever-increasing number of litigation cases, the authorities have become more concerned with the provision of a safe environment for people. This is where the CCTV comes it; these systems are well capable of assisting different cases for the provision of the exact happening behind litigation claims.

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